Horse Saddle Fitting Tips

Horse Saddle Fitting Tips

Horseback riding has always been a favorite activity and sport. Whether it is for leisure, hunting or joining in a competition, it never gets outdated. But just before you ride one, there are safety measures that you need to check. Horse saddling can be quite tricky but eventually you get used to it. Knowing how to have the right saddle and choosing the right type makes it easier and comfortable to you during your ride.

First is you position the saddle. Put it upon the horse and let it slide until you finally find the position where it really fits. When it is at home, you are now sure that it is in the correct position. When you finally know the position, the next step is to check the tree points. These points should be parallel to the shoulder of your horse. Next is to have the right level of the seat. You also need to check the seat length. Known where the panels are. Aside from checking the seat length, you also need to inspect the gullet or the channel. There should be enough clearance around the spine. Having narrow gullet can be quite painful and having a too wide gullet is also not desirable.

Then, there is a need to have ample pommel clearance. It should be about 3 fingers between the wither and the pommel. Keep in mind that the saddle should not touch the withers or spine.

After doing this, you should look at the response of your horse. Chances are if your horse is chomping his teeth and kicking, it only goes to show that he is uncomfortable which only means that there is something wrong with the saddle. As a horse owner, you would want to make sure that your horse feels comfortable so you can also ride with ease.

Different Types of Horse Saddling

There are different kinds of horse riding saddles depending on the level of skill and experience of the rider. If the rider is beginner or intermediate in level, using the general purpose saddle is the most ideal option. For advanced riders, dressage saddles would be the best. This is the one to use for those who are in flat-work competitions as they can offer better balance for the rider. Hunting saddle is the best type of saddle if you are using horseback riding for hunting activity. If you are riding your horse in the countryside, this is the ideal one to use. When you land in a larger fence, this type of saddling allows you to be in a safe position since hunting saddles have low cantle as well as pommel making it easier to make jumps. For kids, there is the kids saddle. This is a lightweight saddle that is perfectly designed for young kids who are riding ponies. Depending on the use, there are other kinds of saddles to choose from like the western saddles, the side-saddles, treeless saddles and Australian stock saddles. Knowing the different kinds and choosing which one is the most ideal for you needs enables you to have a safe, fast and comfortable horseback riding experience.
With the right saddle, you are now ready to ride your horse and enjoy the ride.

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