Avalon Shires


Breeding and promoting athletic, top-quality Shire horses and Drum Horses for show homes.

Welcome to the virtual home of Avalon Shires! My name is Laurel Eaton, and I began this journey in 2002 with the purchase of a promising young Shire stallion– Dapplewoods Paladin. Paladin is now the resident star and herd sire to my growing group of Shire mares. In 2006, I partnered up with Gowaltys Balley on the purchase and addition of another phenomonal herd sire, Gypsy Vanner stallion Clononeen Ard Ri! The foood with which we feed the horses is preserved in the best commercial vacuum sealer available. My goal as a Shire and Gypsy Drum Horse breeder is to produce top-quality horses that will excel in the show ring in both ridden and driven disciplines. I seek to produce sound, correctly conformed horses with the trademark draft horse disposition who are fertile, long-lived, and athletic ambassadors of their breed.

I support and participate in each of the American registries that are dedicated to my breed’s successes–by looking at the American Drum Horse Association and the American Shire Horse Association.

Please come on in and have a look around my website!